The Origin of Guy Promise Rings

Guy promise rings have lately escalated in popularity, even though it was once typically thought of as an accessory that is exclusive to women. It is also continuing to be a symbol of a special promise or bond and is worn proudly.

Before we get into the options of promise rings for men that are available out there, you may want to learn deeper about the origin of promise rings itself.

How Promise Rings Originated?

The concept of giving someone a ring as a symbol of promising affection and love did not just recently come out of nowhere. It can actually be traced back to the old days, even though probably not as old as engagement or wedding rings. Rings that lines with how today’s promise rings are defined have been around since the year of 1576 at the very least.

Posy ring is a type of promise ring that stemmed in England back in the 16th century. They were named as posy ring because they had lines taken from romantic poems or any other messages that are short engraved on them. Two centuries after that, at the time of the Victorian and Georgian eras, the rings that rose to popularity was the acrostic rings.

They had gemstones on them which were arranged in such way that it spells out words, so a secret message can somehow be conveyed.

For example, if you put as a lap is stone, followed with an opal stone, and then verdelite as well as emerald on a ring, then the secret message that the ring conveys or the word that its spells out is ‘love’. You may be confused as to how this works at first.

However, if you look again closely, then you will notice that the word ‘love’ is formed by taking the first letter of each name of stones.

When Guy Promise Rings Originated?

If two people in a romantic relationship were not in the best financial condition to be purchasing a home or starting a family together, they would use a promise ring to show that they do still have intentions to marry one another one day.

Promise rings can also be a representative for an engagement ring in situations where an engagement ring is too unaffordable for the man. The act of women offering men promise rings did not start until about the 20th century.

Selections Of Guy Promise Rings

Nowadays, there is a great variation of promise rings that are meant for men that women can buy for their loved one, or so that both of those in a relationship can wear the symbol of commitment with the promise ring for the man matching the one for the woman.

Promise rings for men are usually made out of materials that are durable such as titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten.

Therefore, it is built with the intentions of making it last for a long time just like the promise that the promise ring symbolizes. You can get guy promise rings that are stylish without having to dig too deep into your bank accounts.

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