The Patterns in Camo Wedding Rings For Him

Looking for the right wedding ring is one fun but also confusing thing to do. If you are a woman and wants to have a unique style of a wedding ring, camo is the right option you can choose to give an exclusive look on you and your partner’s finger.

Camo wedding ring has various patterns includes manly pattern, which can be a suitable camo wedding rings for him as well. What are the patterns?

Hunting Camouflage

As you know, when someone is hunting, he needs to blend well with the surroundings. It includes all kinds of environment, which most of its make use of nature.

Similar to that situation, camo wedding ring with hunting camouflage pattern uses earthly tones as its base color. Meanwhile, the images of this type are usually about tree leaves, branches, or even any other kinds of vegetation.

Even though it uses nature’s color, you can still find this ring in bright colors such as orange, pink, purple, or even red.

Military Camouflage

If the hunting camouflage pattern uses complex and image in details, this one uses intricate pattern. The combinations of color used by camo wedding ring in military camouflage will render the wearer to be invisible.

In more detail, the pattern of camo wedding type can be classified into some types.

  1. Army Camo

In the United States military, there are two kinds of camouflage used i.e woodland camo as well as digital camo, which represents those camouflage.

Camo wedding ring then tried to make these camouflage as an inspiration.

  1. Predator Camo

As suggested by its name, this camo ring is a brand of the hunting camouflage. The interesting characteristic of this ring is that it uses open pattern technology.

It also characterized by images in bold and layered, which usually takes leaves or even branches.

  1. Realtree Camo

Another camo wedding ring for him you can choose is this one. In all brand of hunting camouflage, this one is the most popular one.

How come? It is because this ring has a unique characteristic. The patterns are in 3D form, and it usually mimics various landscapes in a different look.

  1. Desert Camo

If you are a lover of brown color, trying camo ring in this pattern is worth to do. The shades used in this type include tan, brown, as well as black.

This camo ring is also famous for the chocolate chip pattern it has. The brown as well as tan colors overlaid with some clusters of black as well as white spots so that it can represent the form of the environment in the rocky desert.

  1. Urban Camo

This pattern uses high contrast and disruptive patterns. This type comes in many shades of grey. It also becomes the choices for people who want to come in ore fashionable look

  1. Woodland Camo

Quite similar to the previous type, this camo ring also uses high contrast and disruptive patterns.

However, this one also uses neutral tones such as green, brown, as well as black colors, which makes this ring undoubtedly the suitable camo wedding rings for him.

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