The Right Band For Pandora Couple Rings

If you are planning to buy Pandora couple rings, there is no need to be confused. With the right knowledge on what you have to look for in a ring, together with your happiness to propose to your loved one, you will enjoy the process of choosing couple rings with the money that you have.

Through this article, you will learn a few of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when you are choosing couple rings for you and your loved one.

Choosing the Band

First of all, you start by choosing the right band. The band is the part of the ring that encircles your finger. It is usually made out of platinum, silver, gold, or it can be a combination of other metals.

You should know that metals rub upon each other and affects one another, so you should only wear rings that are made of the same type of metal if you wear it close to one another.

When you are choosing couple rings, you should know what ring is the best for your loved one as well as yourself.

Pay attention to her collection to get an idea of what type of ring she likes, and know the differences between the types of metals that are most commonly used to make rings.

Types of Ring Band Metals

Gold is naturally yellow mixed with orange in color and usually, it is mixed with other metals so that it will be stronger.

Some like lighter colored gold such as those that are pale yellow in color, 10 or 14 karat golds, because the reflection of the yellow color will make the diamond a bit more colorful.

White gold is gold that has been purposefully mixed with other metals to give it a mix of grayish white color. It also has to be gilded with another metal in order to bring out the color of brilliant silver.

The plating will fade, but some accessory seller offers free re-plating every time it is needed as long as you have come to an agreement with the seller beforehand.

Platinum is a hard metal, strong, and naturally silver in color but it will slowly fade after being used often, but it is not a problem for many people.

As the gold setting will make the diamond look slightly yellow, buying a diamond with a color grade for this type of ring band will be a waste.

Silver is rarely chosen for engagement rings, but it is cheaper. Silver is usually mixed with other metals to preserve its strength and sheen.

Choosing the Right Size

Another important thing in choosing the band of rings is choosing the size. One of the ways to know the size of your loved one is by borrowing one of their rings that they usually wear and bringing it to the accessory seller for them to know the ring size of your loved one.

If this is not possible, then you can estimate the size but this method is quite unreliable. The good thing is you can always resize your Pandora couple rings.

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