The Story of Julianne Hough Engagement Ring

Julianne Hough engagement ring maybe is one of the best news we heard in 2015. It is like a fairy tale where the expectation meets its goal, almost like a flawless dream many women hope about. Many people note that this engagement ring is very special.

Not only because of the appearance of the engagement ring (it is six karat Lorraine Schwart-designed ring!) but because the chronology of story that Julianne told us from her blog.

We write this article to make Julianne appear as our love inspiration of the day. We hope that through her story and her expression, many lovers learn much about how special and important is an engagement ring. Hope you like to read it further below!

Chronology of Julianne Hough’s Engagement Story

Just like what Julianne told us on her blog, her engagement story seems unexpected because she thinks only spending romantic time with her lover at home. “We stood on the deck, watching the sun set over the lake,” Julianne described the detail of simple moment before it went to big surprise of engagement.

Same like the other romantic moment of asking with knees down, Julianne also experienced this when Brooks got down on one knee. More than that, full of surprises and exciting feeling, Julianne wrote about her expression when the first time seeing the ring. “The ring takes my breath away every time I look down!” she told.

Trivia About Julianne Hough’s Engagement Ring

Here are some interesting trivia about Julianne Hough’s engagement ring :

  • Some rumors said that Julianne was actually very aware that she would be given the engagement ring. Another fact said that this rumor is totally false and really a big surprise for Julianne herself.
  • The diamond ring is not only specially designed by Lorraine Schwartz but also features initials of the couple with a symbol of heart behind the diamond.
  • Julianne is previously dated American Idol’s host, Ryan Seacrest in three years (from 2010 to 2013). But with Brooks Laich, it’s been two years since 2013 to 2015.

What Inspire You From Julianne Hough’s Engagement Story?

From Julianne Hough’s very sweet engagement story we can say that so many inspiration you can take from it. First, the fact that Julianne had a relationship with Ryan Seacrest before she is officially engaged with Brooks.

It seems like so sad to end up one relationship and starting it with the other but from Julianne’s case, see what the best result come from it?

The best diamond ring Julianne had is also not about cost and how grand it is. It is more than a symbol of the promise of this couple. In the other words, if someone you love ask you to marry him with a cute ring (that maybe not as expensive as Julianne’s ring), you also need to feel very happy because it means someone wants to take a serious commitment with you!

So, what do you say about this Julianne Hough’s engagement? As a love inspiration, we adore the sweetness of this couple, also very happy to read Julianne’s opinion about it. From this engagement story, we maybe dream the same thing: has the most beautiful flashes diamond just like her, but on the other side, it is more than that.

This engagement story is a symbol of pure romance and future promise, where it is not always perfect like we want. It seems like we are back to believe about royalty and romantic relationship from Julianne Hough engagement ring.

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