The Stunningly Dragon Ball Z Wedding Ring

Dragon Ball Z wedding ring – Are you one of the lovers of Dragon Ball anime series? Or, are you maybe the readers of the comics?

Well, to accommodate your hobby, it is not impossible if you may want your wedding is in Dragon Ball theme and concept. One of them is regarding the wedding rings to be worn.

You must acknowledge well that this series is particularly about the struggles of the characters to catch and collect seven colored balls into a set.

When they are already collected, a gigantic dragon will appear and he is ready to grant the wish. If you notice well, each dragon ball is so stunningly beautiful and even shiny. It is a really cool idea for the ring for sure.

Since it cannot be simply found in the market, it seems you have to order or customize it.

Here are some matters to be considered when you want a wedding rings with Dragon Ball Z theme.

The Ring’s Body

It is actually depending on your taste how the body looks like. For women, the thinner body seems more appropriate. It can just like any other rings anyway.

Meanwhile, for men, wider wedding rings are better since those kinds of ring indeed look more masculine. Then, the design is important to be thought as well.

It is no matter to make the rings just plain and simple since the main Dragon Ball idea here is basically about the garnish placed in the middle.

However, it is not bad to add something on the ring’s body to make it look unique and different. It can be the carving of Dragon Ball’s characters; Songoku, Bulma, and the others. Another idea is the appearance of Dragon there.

The Materials Used

It also surely depends on your wants. Any kind of metals can just accommodate this idea. Generally, the metals used for wedding ring must be everlasting and shiny.

That’s why; gold, silver, and platinum are commonly used here. However, you can also try the others like titanium that is really strong. Since wedding ring is special, it is not a big deal to spend more money for it.

The Ornaments

This is probably the most important thing of all. Since it is a kind of wedding rings with Dragon Ball Z theme, the ornament must be all about Dragon Ball.

You can put the Dragon ball in the middle anyway. Different from other ball ornaments, it must be painted with some red stars in a certain number. The ball itself looks great when it is in golden color.

However, you can also try other metallic colors based on the fact that Dragon Ball in the series is colorful. Another good idea is by using colored gemstones that are cut smoothly into the ball shape without any side.

Then, the stars must be on there. Some kinds of gemstones recommended for this idea are Topaz for yellow, Sapphire for blue, Amethyst for purple, Ruby for red, and Emerald for green. Then, just enjoy the Dragon Ball Z wedding ring.

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