The Variety of Dainty Engagement Rings

Dainty engagement rings come with endless choices. With so many beautiful ring designs and high-quality materials, the ring can be made in any design and it always looks stunning. What most people want from engagement ring is elegance. Yes, the ring should reflect elegance and luxury that it somehow creates some beautiful feeling when being worn.

With deep meaning behind this ring as a symbol of love, devotion, and commitment, it should always look special. So, do you already have the perfect ring for your engagement day? Well, we have collected some best options for you to choose.

Engagement Rings with Pave Diamond

Ring and Diamond always make the perfect combination. This is a ring with delicate appearance and elegance. It perfectly sits on the finger and becomes a beautiful jewelry. With many colors of diamond available, you can choose any color from transparent white, blue, red, green and other colors.

If you think of choosing a colored diamond, you may want to consider the color symbolizing the birthstone of your fiancée. This way, the ring becomes more custom and exceptionally beautiful.

Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you looking for a diamond ring with more personal touch? Consider the engraved diamond ring. Using high-quality gold for the band with symbols or words engraved on the band, the ring is then made perfect with diamond stone studded in the center.

Engrave your initial or certain love symbol to make the ring more personal. This will be the ring that you will want to wear the rest of your life.

Single Stone Marni Ring

Here comes the most favorite style of engagement ring, the modern solitaire engagement ring. As the name suggests, it is called solitaire because it has only one diamond stone studded in it. Usually, the emerald cut is chosen to allow the diamond to stand out. With bold gold border on the band, the ring looks extraordinary.

Diamond Knuckle Ring

This time, a voluptuous and organic ring is your choice. Also popular as Diamond Sonoma Ring, this ring definitely has beautiful curves in the right places which make it extremely stunning. The design of this ring is especially inspired by Orchard’s vines whispering flows that give the super elegant touch.

And with two pieces of white pave diamond, the ring is perfectly made. Choose the color of the gold band according to your personal style including white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

Vintage Solitaire Diamond Ring

Do you want something different for your engagement ring? If the solitaire diamond ring lacks of feature, the antique solitaire ring can actually be a great alternative. The antique styling is the main feature of this ring which makes it an incredible ring. Added with a platinum setting and old mine cut diamond, the ring has its true beauty.

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

If the white and yellow gold is too common, the rose gold may attract your attention. This particular colored gold band is somehow unique and beautiful making it a timeless engagement ring. With petite pave diamond details as accents, this ring is never a wrong choice for dainty engagement rings.

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