Top 5 Best Wedding Ring Designers

Buying a ring from the best wedding ring designers is the best way to get the best ring for your wedding. There are several options available if you want to buy a new wedding ring. You can visit any jewelry shops to buy a generic ring, order a shop or a jewelry designer to design a custom wedding ring or buy a wedding ring from a known designer.

If you are a kind of person who believes that brand represents quality, buying a branded wedding ring from a well-known designer is obviously the most favored option. Here you will see some of the best designers currently holding sway in the wedding ring market.

  1. Bulgari

Founded by Greek jeweler Sotirios Voulgaris (Italian: Stori Bulgari) in the late 19th century in Rome, Italy, this designer is most popular among customers with its stylized brand name that uses classical Latin alphabet, BVLGARI. Bulgari is well known for its high-class luxury products and, especially, jewelry.

A large assortment of jewelry pieces with this designer’s brand is available in major jewelry marketplaces worldwide, including online, but the designer’s leading jewelry products are its platinum rings. If a platinum wedding ring will make

  1. Vera Wang

Vera Wang is perhaps better known for its lines of apparel products, but this New York-based designer actually also releases a sizable collection of state-of-the-art jewelry products.

Pairing your Vera Wang wedding dress with Vera Wang wedding ring is a great idea, but the ring will still look perfect around your finger even if you don’t wear Vera Wang apparel.

Vera Wang’s philosophy is to enhance the beauty of any bride, so if you want the bride to look beautiful in her wedding, you know which ring to buy.

  1. Cartier

Founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847, this designer has been devoting itself to serving celebrities and royalties alike, so its reputation as a jewelry brand is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Unlike the two designers mentioned above, Cartier specializes in jewelry making and doesn’t concentrate on any non-jewelry businesses.

For this reason, if you wear a Cartier ring during your wedding ceremony, you wear the best jewelry piece that is made by a real jewelry master.

  1. Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack is the best designer for clients expecting bespoke ring for their wedding. She has been offering jewelry handcrafting service since 2008. As every model is meticulously handcrafted, no two models are similar.

If you want to look unique with your custom-made ring and to wear something that will become your family heirloom in the future, you will find this designer the best partner to work with. Visit her London house to check her big collection of unique, antique, custom-made jewelry pieces.

  1. Monique Péan

Many couples are very aware of the environmental impact of the jewelry business. If you prefer an eco-friendly solution for your wedding preparation, Monique Péan’s ring can be a great choice. This designer is known for its awareness of the environment.

Minéraux collections are the eco-friendliest one because every model is made from sustainable materials. Monique Péan is one of the best wedding ring designers when it comes to producing environmentally responsible products.

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