Tungsten Men’s Batman Wedding Rings

If you or your partner is in love with heroes character, choosing a wedding ring in those characters might be one unique thing to do.

As it is such an uncommon thing to do, it can also be one of the most unforgettable decisions, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

In relation to that, this time we will share you about men’s Batman wedding rings.

General Information about Black Batman Tungsten Ring

As the name suggests, this men’s Batman wedding rings made from tungsten carbide material. It is a strong material, which is four times harder than titanium.

This ring also completed with a scratch resistant feature in high quality. For the styling, this ring comes in black color completed with the laser-etched symbol of Batman.

The polish finishing of this ring also comes in high quality combined with high-end style to give a manly and well look. This Batman wedding ring is in dome-shaped.

Is this ring only suitable for a wedding? Of course not. You can also use this ring for other occasions such as a gift for Christmas, New Year, anniversary, engagement, Valentine’s day, or even as a love gift.

More About the Tungsten Material Used by this Ring

For your information, tungsten is a type of material, which has a very hard and dense feature as its characteristic. When it combined with carbon as well as other elements, it turns to be tungsten carbide.

Measured with the Mohs hardness scale, this material reached a number between 8 up to 9. Compared to gold in 18K, this material is roughly harder in 10 times.

Besides its strength, another characteristic, which succeeds in attracting many people to have it is the natural look. As it wrapped in high hardness, the beauty of this ring will also last for a long time.

Moreover, rings made of this material will not bend out of shape as well. For additional information, some people might be allergic to gold, platinum, or even silver.

All of them are actually the main material for jewelry. If you faced this problem, you do not need to worry about having this ring. It is because tungsten material completed with the hypoallergenic characteristic.

The Right Way to Take Care of this Ring

Since this ring made of tungsten, it makes this ring has sturdy and strong characteristics. A little care needed, to make sure that this ring could last for a long time in good condition.

In every one or two months, you need to take a routine treatment. To clean this ring, we recommend you to use a mild detergent with a soft cloth (using a toothbrush is fine as well).

For other option, you can also use the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. However, make sure that you do not leave men’s Batman wedding rings there for more than one minute.

It is also important for you not to use any kinds of harsh chemicals as well as cleaners. It is because there might be a bad reaction between it to the tungsten band.

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