Ultimate Guide to Walmart Promise Rings

Walmart promise rings are available variously for any couple who want to have a commitment to their relationship. You probably are not really familiar with the promise rings.

This kind of ring is used as a symbol of commitment. Some people may think that this ring is the ring to signify engagement, and some people may think that this ring is used to show devotion to each other.

The tradition of wearing a ring to show loyalty and fidelity started in Roman times. Experts found some proof that they were wearing a kind of promise band. In the past, the promise ring (also called poesy ring) was engraved with a romantic poem.

At this time, it was used to promise that the couple would be pure before marriage. Actually, there are no rules in choosing a promise ring, and it is usually the youngsters who buy this ring.

You know that the youngsters normally haven’t a lot of money to spend for a promise ring. So we can conclude that promise rings are not really expensive.

Promise Ring Etiquette

  • The promise ring nowadays is given after a couple has been dating for several times, at least a year.
  • This ring is given to the partner but they haven’t been ready yet to get engaged.
  • This is an ideal if the couple hasn’t had enough money to buy a proper engagement ring.
  • This is to show that the couple is serious about their relationship and sure about where the relationship is heading.
  • A couple who want to buy a promise ring has to be committed to each other.

Some Ideas for Walmart Promise Rings

  • Consider a promise ring made from sterling silver with a diamond stone and rhodium as the finish. It is available in size 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Consider a promise ring made from sterling silver with rhodium and gold plating for the finish. Its stone is a diamond with 13 for its clarity. It is available in size 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Consider a promise ring made from sterling silver in two heart shapes with Austrian crystal birthstones to adorn every heart. It is available in size 5 and 12.
  • Consider a promise ring made from sterling silver with White Sapphire and Diamond in a heart shape. It can be crafted the couple’s names. The clarity of the diamond is 13, and the color is G-H. The finish is high polish.

Now you are more informed about the promise rings, right? To make you more confident here you can read the guidance in order to have the best promise ring.

Guidance to Buy the Best Promise Ring

  • Choose the one that fits her personality traits and style. This is very important to know so that your girlfriend will like the ring you give to her.
  • Choose the one that is not similar to an engagement ring.
  • When you give the ring to your girlfriend you need to make sure that you tell her that this is a promise ring, not an engagement ring.
  • Consider a gemstone ring that is usually affordable for youngsters and different from an engagement ring.
  • Choose the one with your girlfriend’s birthstone.

What do you think? It’s interesting to talk about promise rings, right? We just hope this general description helps you before you decide to go to buy Walmart promise rings.

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