Various Options of Engagement Rings At Walmart

Engagement rings at Walmart can be a nice thing to consider besides you look for the ring from other vendors that are not available at Walmart. Well, engagement is something important and many couples put their trust on it since it is an important moment. Well, there are various options of the ring.


The characteristics of platinum metal are strong, durable, and it can last a lifetime anyway. It is made of 95% of platinum and 5% of another pure alloy. People love this material because it is pretty rare even though the price can be a bit expensive for a precious metal. Putting a diamond in the prongs of the platinum is so thoughtful.

Platinum can be touted as the strongest precious metal. It is resistant to any damage and will not cause the discoloration on the skin since it is hypoallergenic. It also develops the satin-like finishing. If you like something pure, platinum is the right selection.

18k Gold

If you want a ring with a classic look, you can try this material. The composition is 75% of pure gold and 25% of pure other alloys. Gold is a good alternative if you want something less expensive from platinum but still has high value both in price and of course in the look. Diamond or certain gemstone will look good on the ring with a gold band.

Well, 18k gold is soft yet malleable metal. You can polish it if it is faded and repair it if it got damaged. It will not get rusted or tarnished. The color can be various and rose gold will be really beautiful on woman’s finger. Yet, gold has the distinct heritage.

14k Gold

The main characteristic of this metal is the strength. This is so popular in any kind of jewelry. The composition is less than 60% of gold and about 40% of other pure alloys. If we are talking about the price, of course, it is less expensive than two previous types of metal. Still, it offers high great value too. You can add a center diamond on it.

14k gold has good strength and it can be used for a longer time since it has the hardness character. You can repair and polish it next time. It will not be rusted and tarnishing as well. Even though the color is not as many as the 18k gold, it still offers you several color options.


It is considered as the rare metal too and it offers purity up to 95%. The rest is composed of other pure alloys. It is more expensive than gold but cheaper than platinum. And I will suggest center diamond for the beautiful and elegant look of the ring.

It has good strength but offers lighter weight than platinum. The whiteness is natural yet permanent. You can repair it or polish it someday and it will not get corrosive, tarnished, or anything due to oxidation. It offers hypoallergenic and resistant to any scratch. We hope this insight about the engagement rings at Walmart help you 🙂

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