Wearing Stacked Wedding Ring Set Properly

The wedding ring is an item that will be worn by somebody that has married. Traditionally, there will be only one wedding ring that will be worn.

However, on many occasions, we can see that women tend to use more than one wedding rings or stacked wedding ring set on their ring finger. Why do they wear stacked wedding ring set? And how do they wear it?

We are going to discuss and try to briefly answer those questions.

Why Wearing Stacked Wedding Ring?

In this era, a woman tends to wear more than one wedding rings or stacked wedding ring set. Commonly, there will be 1-4 rings that will be worn on the ring finger.

Basically, there is no specific reason why woman stacks the wedding rings. It might be because they love it. It might be also because wearing one wedding ring is not enough.

For some women who are interested in wearing accessories, one wedding ring in one ring finger will be quite peculiar. Especially, for women that have a quite long finger.

There are still enough rooms or spaces that can be fully explored. Some women might assume that stacked wedding ring set will look more interesting to be seen.

Fashion might become one of the most important factors why women tend to wear stacked wedding ring set. Women love combining some rings to accompany the wedding ring.

Some wedding set is also a combination of wedding band, engagement and promise ring. Some women wear that set to represent the relationship process.

Commonly, the stacked wedding ring set will consist of some rings that decorated with small gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

Giant diamond is also commonly used in the set along with other simpler rings. The combination of giant and smaller diamonds will nicely decorate your finger.

Some Alternatives

There are some alternatives to wearing the stacked wedding ring set. The first and the most common alternative are by stacking or combining wedding band and engagement ring.

Commonly, the engagement ring will have a giant diamond to decorate the ring, while wedding band will look simpler by only decorated by some small and pave diamonds.

If both wedding band and engagement ring have giant diamond, it will look too much to be combined. You can either wear the wedding band or engagement ring on the bottom.

Some women might assume that the set should be arranged based on the order of you receive the ring.

However, some people might think that wedding band should be wear in the bottom in order to make it closer to the heart. Basically, you can choose the arrangement based on what you believe.

The second alternative is by wearing the custom wedding ring set. In the second alternative, the set is fully customized in order to get the interesting arrangement.

So, it is fixed arrangement and you have to order the ring based on the set. In this set, the number of rings that used can vary. This wedding ring set can also use engagement and promise ring to be customized along with the wedding band.

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