Wedding Band that Fits Around Engagement Ring

Looking for a wedding band that fits around engagement ring can be a pain in the rear, that’s for sure. Undeniably, engagement is one of the craziest moments in every woman’s life.

They are so excited about the prospect of being able to spend the rest of their lives with the man of their dreams. Then there is always another excitement surrounding the engagement ring.

Who wouldn’t love a piece of brand new shiny jewelry beautifully wrapped around their finger?

All of this excitement and the overwhelming feeling of finally being able to plan their dream wedding often make them forget about the practicality of a few minor details.

That practical concerns, however, most likely will not appear until the initial whirlwind dies down.

Soon they will start thinking of all of the pieces that they want to put together into their big day. From the venue and the wedding dress to the venue and the guestlist – everything!

But perhaps one thing that they fail to realize until much later is the wedding band. Yes, the engagement is beautiful, but what about the wedding band? Given the design of the engagement ring and other aspects, choosing a wedding band can be really headache-inducing.

But not if you follow these steps to choose a wedding band that fits around the engagement ring.

Choose the Right Metal

Before you start, ask yourself these questions: are you going to wear the engagement ring and wedding band side-by-side or on the same finger? This is important as it determines which metal to choose.

When you wear them on the same finger, your rings will rub one another. Different metal causes an unwanted chemical reaction which is damaging in the long run, to say the least.

To avoid this, always choose a wedding band that has the same exact metal as your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is 24ct gold, we advise you to choose 24ct gold as well for the wedding band as different carat will still cause both of them to oxidize.

Take the Stone and Setting Into Consideration

Many jewelry stores sell both engagement ring and wedding band in pairs, but if you do not have the luxury, your best bet is to order a bespoke wedding band that is specifically made to fit your engagement ring.

This option does cost you a bit more, but it does not only guarantee you a perfect band for your engagement ring but also saves you time from having to go around looking for the perfect pairing.

The time you can allocate to organizing your wedding.

Be Sure to Stick with the Same Style Profile

The best way to keep the look of your engagement ring and wedding band consistent is to stick with the same profile and thickness. It is imperative for you to understand your engagement ring.

As an example, if your engagement ring only has a single stone in the center, you may choose a wedding band with extra sparkle.

If the engagement ring is polished, you may go for a band with texture to complement it. Finding a wedding band that fits around engagement ring is no longer a problem.

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