What Does a Promise Ring Mean Specifically?

The ring is a stuff which can be used as symbols which show an explicit meaning. In this world, the symbols are also used for showing a love. The engagement ring, wedding ring, and promise ring are the things which are common in this world.

But, do you know the meaning of those rings is? Yup, those rings have a difference in the meaning, especially promise ring. It has a lot of meaning, and it depends on the couples’ purpose.

So, what does a promise ring mean? To answer such a question, here we are going to give you the purposes which are usually chosen by a couple.

What Is a Promise Ring?

When we talk about what a promise ring is, it depends on the purpose. However, the main point which can be seen is, it’s a symbol of commitment. Here, it means that you are serious about the relationship, yet it doesn’t go to the next level.

Again, in fact, there is a lot of meaning which you can see from a promise ring. Here, the most purposes which people choose are friendship, religion, purity, and monogamy.

Not only that, a promise ring can also be symbols which are usually used to break bad habits, keep a secret, renew commitment to something, and promise to take care a new family.

What About the Specific Meanings?

The promise ring which is used for a friendship purpose usually becomes a symbol of becoming the best friend forever. Besides, when one of the friends will go to the separate city or even country, this kind of promise ring will remind the friendship which they have.

In addition, it will make them keep in touch. In the purpose of purity, a promise ring becomes a symbol which is usually done by people to stay away from bad habits such as smoking, drinking, or even drugs. Here, people who wear this promise ring will keep the commitment to remain pure.

In the religious purpose, a promise ring can represent the commitment of people to a particular faith. For example, they are doing something which their religion asks for them. On the other hand, it can also represent that they are the people who have an important role in a religion.

The last common thing is a monogamy purpose. Here, it’s usually used by a couple who want to do monogamy relationship. In nowadays, gay couples use a promise ring to tie their relationship into a monogamous commitment. Here, they do such a thing because they can’t legally marry.

How to Use a Promise Ring?

When you are going to give or use a promise ring, you have to know some important things. If you want to give a promise ring to your friend or your couple, it is better for you to give it in a memorial day such as Birthday, Christmas, or even Valentine’s day.

Here, you can also wrap a promise ring in a pretty box. The point is, you have to make it becomes sweet and memorable. In addition, after knowing what does a promise ring mean, are you going to use or give a promise ring?

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