What Hand Do You Wear A Promise Ring On?

What hand do you wear a promise ring on is usually become a question of people who don’t know anything related to the wedding. It is actually very fair because many people don’t get about the several rules of the wedding, includes about choosing the ring and other requirements.

That is why in this article we will give you explanations all about the promise ring, also to answer your question in the first sentence. We give you some tips too about how to choose the best promise ring that suits your style and taste. Read it below to know quickly!

The Meaning of A Promise Ring

First, we should know that promise ring is different than the real engagement ring or wedding ring. But it doesn’t mean that promise ring is not serious, it also shows commitment for your couple and more similar to pre-engagement ring. Usually, people will choose promise ring to define more serious or further step of their relationship.

It could be for “preparation step” before future engagement or just like the name, it is given to show you have promise and belief towards your lovely one (on other words, it shows both of you have promise towards each other).

In more common definition, promise ring describes the purity of thought and symbol of two birds in love. With promise ring, the couple hopes their relationship will be stronger and better, just like an official engagement ring, it is a great symbol on your finger that you can show to friends and family every day.

Things About What Hand Do You Wear A Promise Ring On

So, back to the first question, which hand do you wear a promise ring on? For promise ring, you can wear it on your left hand, right on your ring finger before your little finger. Because promise ring is not an official engagement ring (and shouldn’t be) the position of this ring on left hand and ring finger is ideal.

Why? because many people say that the veins of ring finger will connect to the heart and that is why people choose this left hand and position for the promise ring.

How To Choose The Best Promise Ring?

After understanding promise ring, now another question will come: how to choose the best promise ring? You don’t want it to look like your engagement ring but you still want all eyes to look on the ring completely.

There are so materials from rose gold, yellow gold, white gold to platinum silver. You can choose an elegant style for usual reference. Usually, diamond is the best choice about promise ring because it shows elegance, grand and lovely look. But if you have a smaller budget, you can move to another option: gemstone, which very beautiful and suitable as a promise ring.

Now, what do you think? We totally hope you will understand deeply about all the things related to promise ring. The meaning, rules and how to buy it because for many people it has important point to define the steps before one couple goes way to the wedding.

So, be careful and responsible to choose the best promise ring. We wish we can inform you clearly from this article about what hand do you wear a promise ring on!

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