What Hand Does A Promise Ring Go On Properly

What hand does a promise ring go on for her properly? This becomes a question often asked by a couple who want to hold an engagement or promise party. Engagement is a further process for a couple who want to continue their relationship to the wedding level. If you want to know the right place where ring goes on, you should gain information.

Promise Ring Is a Symbol of Message

Promise ring becomes an obligatory element that must be available when you and your partner want to bond a promise. This is caused that the ring becomes a real symbol bonding your promise in order to not lose when the wedding comes.

The model or design of promise ring for fiancé or fiancée is of course based on the need and taste of couple. Every person extremely has different tastes each other. But, the adjustability of promise ring should represent the agenda held and don’t disappoint everyone later.

That is why you should consider the quality, model, design, and size of a promise ring. Those must be thought over carefully in order to get the appropriate promise ring. You may take a choice of white gold, silver, titanium, or the other types of ring’s material.

After you got the most suitable promise ring for your special agenda, it is time to give and set it. What hand does a promise ring go on? There are so many people asking it because they don’t know and afraid of putting it correctly. Two versions are claimed for the promise ring going on.

The promise ring is basically your identity and status. It claims that you have a serious relationship with a person.

A Process of Promise Ring Exchange

An engagement party is a special day for a couple in which both will bond a promise through promise rings. The process of promise ring exchange is been waiting for the guests and of course the couples. The promise ring can be a symbol of love and a serious relationship between two loving people to face together future.

The promise ring exchange is usually conducted in the center of agenda party watched by all guests being the witness for the couple.

Some people may not know about the right hand where the promise ring should go on. But, generally, a promise ring is worn on the left-hand finger as a symbol of engagement ring so that the other people will know it. When you have planned to continue your relationship to the wedding, the promise ring will be worn on the right hand.

It becomes a real proof for someone who got married. But, actually, it is not a strong rule. You may use the same fingers in the left hand.

Do you know the meaning why the promise ring needs to put in the left hand? The tradition can be traced in the 13th century when Christians adopt the tradition of Innocent III giving an obligatory symbol for engagement and wedding.

After you have read that explanation, today you can know the right place for the promise ring. It mostly goes on the left hand. You should set it on the left-hand finger of your spouse.

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