What is the Promise Ring Definition?

What is promise ring definition? There are so many young couples that now prefer promise ring for their girl before they go to an engagement. This is a new concept as a symbol of a promise from the ancient times. The promise ring becomes more popular in recently as commitment symbol. Here is the comprehensive guide about the promise ring definition and how it uses.

What is Promise Ring Mean?

The promise ring is also known as the pre-engagement ring. This is a simple jewelry that given as a symbol of the commitment to the relationship. There is various style available in promise ring, with yellow gold, gemstone and diamonds promise ring, heart design promise ring, and even the promise ring with diamonds that look elegant as such as engagement ring.

The History of Promise Ring

In ancient time, the promise ring means that promise that sealed between couples. The couple wears rings as a symbol of their spiritual marriage with the church. In the 16th and 17th century, there is the initiate of a promise ring as today use. The ring is engraved with the promise or sentiment phrase and gives to lover or friendship.

Promise Ring Purpose and Meaning

There are several definition and meaning from promise ring to describe. The promise ring is given with certain expression of promise from two people that made. Here are the most common promise ring meanings that usually determined;

  • There are some friendships that use promise ring for symbolize the commitment for being a good friend for each other and always there for others.
  • The promise ring often uses as a symbol for mutual commitment as a monogamous relationship.
  • Abstinence or chastity. This is promise ring that given from parent to child. This also called with purity rings and symbolize for commitment to remain the celibate until getting married and the substance-free remain.
  • Pre-engagement rings. This is the most common meaning of promise ring for couples to toward to engagement. When a young couple feels that their partner is the one, but they are not ready yet to a marriage or engagement, then this can be a commitment for next step to marriage.
  • Self-promise ring. In some case, there are also people that buy promise ring for them. This promise ring purposes as promise or commitment for certain issue. For example, the promise rings to a commitment to stay away from negative influence or maintain a positive attitude.

How to Give A Promise Ring?

When you determine to give the promise ring to your couple or friend, then it is important for determining the ring meaning and the time that will symbolize the promise ring. There is so much memorable moment that chose as the perfect time to give promise rings such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, Valentine or Christmas gift.

Give with romantic dinner, or any romantic moment to your couple is a good idea.  It also will be helpful to write a note to give a description for what the purpose and meaning of the promise ring that you give. With this, your couple will know exactly on promise ring definition that you give to her.

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