What is the Promise Ring Meaning?

Promise ring meaning is definitely something you should know. Also known as commitment ring, purity ring and engagement ring, the promise ring does have its own meaning, a deep meaning that should be appreciated. As the name suggests, promise ring represents the promise between the couples to their love, passion, and commitment.

Wearing this ring together is like showing the world that the couples are so in love and in commitment to take their relationship to the next level. This symbol of commitment is appealing and now becomes much more popular. Despite being different to the engagement ring, it also signifies the future of the couples they have committed to each other.

Promise Ring and Devotion

When a person gives a promise ring to his girlfriend, he actually proves how much he is into the relationship because the ring itself reflects devotion. With commitment and love to each other, ring simply becomes some kind of reminder about this feeling every single moment they look at the ring.

When you receive promise ring from your boyfriend, you can be sure that he is promising himself to you. He is ready to invest his time, energy, and feeling for future ahead together with you. He is not just playing around with you. Instead, he has already been thinking or even planning to spend the rest of his life with you. What a beautiful meaning, right?

Well, that is because the promise sing simply shows that the thing going on between you two is not a simple dating. The truth is that in the relationship, there is already a plan or thought of getting married later. It is not just a romantic thing but also a serious one because it reflects the commitment in the relationship. Imagine how happy you feel when you get this ring from your boyfriend now that you have been dating for few years?

Promise Ring and Which Finger To Wear It

Here is another unique fact. While engagement rings and wedding rings have exact position of the finger to wear, it doesn’t apply to promise ring. In other words, you can entirely choose which finger for it according to your personal liking and preference. Or, you can switch it to any finger every day every time you like because there is no rule for it.

Types of Promise Rings

When it comes to the most popular types of promise rings, the answers are many. The gold promise ring is still the most favorite though. Whether it is white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold, it always makes the best choice. With beautiful gemstone studded in it like diamond, birthstone or sapphire, the ring becomes even more beautiful.

Do you want more personal promise ring? Put engraved promise rings into your list. This ring is usually custom made so it always has a personal touch that reflects your personal taste. For instance, it has your name and your lover name engraved on it. Or, it comes with certain love symbol. With this personal touch, the promise ring meaning is deeper.

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