What’s a Promise Ring, Do You Know?

What’s a promise ring? Do you know about that? Different people have different definitions of a promise ring. However, all of the definitions must be the sign of the commitment of a couple.

This ring is only used by youngsters who haven’t been ready yet to get married or engaged.

One of the most popular definitions is the promises of purity before getting married. The couple to wear a promise ring is prohibited to get involved sexually with others.

The religious couple wearing this promise ring is to demonstrate roles in the church. The promise rings are considered important because of what is symbolized by it.

The Other Meanings of Promise Rings

  • Among best friends, this ring is exchanged to promise to always be there for each other.
  • Between two lovers before engagement, this ring is the pre-engagement ring. When you feel that the woman to be given a promise ring is the one for your life, but both of you still need time to know each other more.
  • Two lovers consider this ring as the symbol of commitment to have a monogamous relationship.
  • Some people may have this promise ring for them to symbolize strength. Whatever happens to them, they promise themselves to stay strong.
  • Some people consider the promise ring as the promise to their parents to stay sexually pure before their marriage.

When can a man give a promise ring to his partner? When the relationship has been a year or more, so a man can give his partner a promise ring. How can a man give a promise ring to his partner?

Tips to Give a Promise Ring to Partners

  • When you give a promise ring, you need to tell your partner what the meaning of the ring is. This is to prevent confusion of the recipient. It is better if the ring is still in a box when given. On the cover of the box, you should write what the symbol of the ring is.
  • The promise ring is given on birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day gift, and religious celebration day.
  • It is a common thing to shop the ring together since the recipient should really like the ring.

Knowing about the finger that is suitable for a promise ring is very important because people who see will get confused about the status. There are no rules, but these below can be as a guidance.

The Finger to Wear a Promise Ring On

  • On the left hand. Traditionally the promise ring is on the ring finger on the left, but when the couple gets married, the promise ring will be moved to the right hand.
  • On the ring finger on the right hand can mean that the wearer is ready to have an engagement or wedding ring on the left hand.
  • Some people use the ring as the pendant of the necklace or as a charm bracelet. Some people have a photograph of their partner in their wallet.

Whether your partner wears the promise ring on the left or on the right hand, the important thing is the commitment to keep the promise to each other.

The article you have read hopefully does answer the question “What’s a promise ring?”

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