Where Do You Put a Promise Ring?

Where do you put a promise ring? What is it actually and what meaning it actually has? If you are not familiar with the culture of using and giving promise ring, you might wonder what this ring actually is and why so many people hold it dearly.

Well, if you are curious about promise ring and all the sweet meanings surrounding it, let’s find out more information below.

What is a Promise Ring?

Just like a wedding ring, a promise ring is a ring that you will give to your loved one to show your commitment and your willingness to take a more serious path in your relationship.

Even though it is less popular compared to the engagement ring and wedding ring, the tradition of giving a promise ring to someone you want to have a commitment with can be traced back to centuries ago.

Back in the 16th century, there were rings that are engraved with poems which were called Posy rings and also Acrostic rings with words engraved in the gemstones. It is believed that those two type of rings are the ancestor of the contemporary promise ring.

In this modern era, the ring came back to prominence when various celebrities were spotted wearing the rings with their couple.

Even though this ring is commonly worn by lovers, some people also use it as a symbol of promise regarding other things like friendship or fidelity.

Is It the Same with Engagement Ring?

Since promise ring is given by a person to symbolize their commitment to their lover, so what makes it different with the engagement ring? Can we just skip one to jump to the other or is it necessary to have both?

Well, even though both are made to show commitment, the engagement ring has stronger meaning compared to a promise ring.

Engagement ring means one thing. You are proposing to your lover and you are going to marry her or him. This is where promise ring is different. Every person or every couple will have a different promise they want to carry by the ring.

It doesn’t always have to be a promise to marry, unlike engagement ring, but it can be a promise that you are being serious with this relationship.

Even if you are not automatically engaged when you give a promise ring to someone, it doesn’t mean that you can take the meaning of the ring lightly.

Where Should You Put It?

There is no rule or tradition that shows where we should wear a promise ring. So, you can wear it like a wedding ring or engagement ring, which is on the third finger of your left hand, or you simply can wear it on any finger that you like.

Since there is a trendy aspect about promise ring compared to another commitment ring, many people took the liberty to put the ring not only on the finger but also hang it on a necklace.

So, when it comes to a promise ring, the question is not “where do you put a promise ring?” but “what would a promise ring mean to you?” No matter where you wear it, it will always still be meaningful.

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